Now that I’ve got just over a month of recruiting experience under my belt, I have time enough to come up for air and start blogging about my experiences. Let’s just say, it’s already been an amazing ride. I’ve learned a ton about sourcing, interviewing, learning to say “No,” legal aspects of the recruiting process (did you know that you can’t ask someone whether they date men or women? That’s usually my first question!(Not)), any a lot about the Financial Services industry.

I’ve been surprised by a few things. First, the Java developer market in NYC is nasty competitive, especially if you want someone with Financial Services background. People who are lucky enough to be employed by an Investment Bank make huge salaries, and their bonuses are out of this world – up to 40 or 50% per year! Crazy. Just nuts. What I’ve been trying to do with these folks is to explain the benefits of a well-funded start up (did I mention BSG Alliance? I didn’t? Silly me! BSG Alliance!), as well as explain the cultural difference. BSG is a place you go to make a name for yourself. An Investment Bank is where you go to put your head down, do your job, and go home. Investment Banks are a job. BSG is a career.

So, join me on the ride. In the meantime, I found an interesting article on ERENet about finding good candidates. The gist of the post is that it’s all about sales. I have to agree. Recruiting is all about selling your company, and selling it to the best people for the job.