The one thing that has struck me as most interesting (frustrating? disappointing?) with my recruiting job is the difficulty in building a recruiting pipeline. I’ve always tried to be kind to recruiters who have contacted me in the past, simply because I never knew when I might need one. These days, it often feels like I am the enemy.

I actually had someone (who I considered a friend) ask me to remove him from my mailing list, and not in a nice way. In my defense, I had only sent two requests, via LinkedIn, asking for potential job candidates. So, it wasn’t as if I was inundating the guy with emails. And, you can change your LinkedIn settings to not allow Job Requests to come through… The bummer is, I can’t figure out how to remove the guy from my LinkedIn list. Harsh as it sounds, he’s not going to be helpful to me from a networking standpoint, so I don’t necessarily want him in my network.

Back when I was working with BSG version 1 and Forte, I would often get Recruiter calls, and I always called them back. I was never interested in looking elsewhere, but I never knew when I might need that recruiter’s help, and I wanted to make sure that I was on the recruiter’s “Nice” list, as opposed to the dreaded “Naughty” list. When my husband was hit with the dot com bust in 2000, I was able to leverage some of those contacts to help with his job search.

So, I guess what I’m saying is this… Why aren’t people nicer to me? Boo-hoo! Whimper. Sniffle.

Okay, not really – I just think it’s interesting how difficult it is to get people interested in the BSG story. I think I’ll be looking to work with the rest of the recruiting and HR team to come up with a way to get BSG recognized as a phenomenal place to work – it is a great place, and people would be LUCKY to join us. We certainly don’t make offers to everyone we intervie. We hire only the very best, and the very brightest. And if you join a company like BSG now, you’re making your career into something special.

Enough for today. Have a great Tuesday. Check back soon.