So much has changed since I was last in the workforce. It will be 7 years this September that I last had a paying gig (until, of course, this one). When I left the workforce back in 2000, people still used email as their main form of communication. And Lotus Notes was as “collaborative” as it got. We sent Excel spreadsheets back and forth, trying desperately to ensure that no one made changes while someone else was making changes. We even had a checkout sheet on one of the Lotus Notes databases to try to prevent double-edits. If I lost someone’s email address, it was unlikely that I would ever be able to contact them again. And my cell phone weighed more than 6 ounces! Everything was bigger, and nothing was better.

Now, we have wikis, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Amazon, and everyone knows my name!

I log into Amazon, and it knows what I like to read. It’s an intelligent website, and I sort of like that it takes some of the research work off my plate. Yes, I would like to read Utilizing Military Techniques in Child Discipline, thank you. Click. It’s purchased and on its way to my front door.

So, I want to figure out how to leverage these new, Enterprise 2.0 collaborative technologies in my Recruiting life. We already use wikis and social networks at BSG, and our collaboration is quick, easy, and oh-so-efficient. But how can I extend that to “Sourcing?”

I am trying a couple of different things. First, I used LinkedIn to search for people with the skill sets I need. Then I can contact them through my network or through InMail. I haven’t gotten a lot of responses this way, so I think I need to revamp my initial communications. I’m also answering questions related to any BSG-type topics, such as Enterprise 2.0, collaboration, or our verticals. That, I hope, will build some visibility for me, making the name BSG more commonplace in the career market.

Second, I am gathering information from collaborative websites that are dedicated to recruiting in the electronic age. It’s fascinating to see what specialized Google searches can bring you.

Third, we’re using the (relatively) old-fashioned job posts on our BSG community site. The nice thing about our site, though, is that it is a community, and people are welcome to join, and discuss the various things that make up Next-Generation Enterprises. Again, this builds BSG into a brand, and a brand that people will want to work for.

And, finally, I am trying out Twitter! Every so often, I post a job description (in ten or fewer words), and hope to get a hit. We’ll have to see what happens with that – it’s fun, anyway, and a bit addictive.

For my future plans, I am looking towards Facebook. We’ve just started a BSG Alliance group, and I am going to think about some ways to utilize Facebook to attract stellar candidates to the BSG fold.

What else does the future hold? Only God and Steve Papermaster know. 😉