I’ve found myself slowly slipping into a world I knew little about a few short months ago. A world where there are new and wonderful things to discover, and terrifying unknowns lurk around every corner. I’ve slipped, deeper and deeper, into Recruiterworld.

Yes, Recruiterworld.

The King of Recruiterworld is the elusive Candidate. Sometimes, King Candidate is “active,” strutting with his tail feathers spread wide for all the minions in Recruiterworld to admire. Most of the time, though, King Candidate is “passive,” and the minions must search over the green hills of Google, trudge through the forests of Facebook, slop through the Moors of MySpace, swim into the nefarious telephone switchboard sea, and limp into the land of LinkedIn to find him.

When the minions do find the passive King Candidate, they’re often rewarded by sharp smacks on the head with his scepter, but sometimes, sometimes, sometimes… the passive King Candidate likes what the minion has to say, and becomes the minion’s friend. And when King Candidate becomes a minion’s friend, the minion is very happy, indeed, since the minion can then show King Candidate all the wonderful bounty that awaits him in Placementville.

The minions in Recruiterworld have their own vocabulary. They use network as both a noun and a verb. They like to touch base with King Recruiter, and his surly daughter, Princess Hiring Manager. The minions like to get into King Candidate’s head, and learn what drives him. Some of the minions are dedicated to sourcing the passive King Candidate. Other minions diligently work the phones to get King Candidate to be their friend. Other minions are actively screening people that they hope are King Candidate. And lots of the minions are very focused on helping the people in Placementville build an employment brand.

Recruiterworld is a very interesting place. For me, it’s a place to learn and grow. I’m having fun, I’m sharing my knowledge, and others are sharing their knowledge with me. I couldn’t ask for a nicer place than Recruiterworld. And to be a part of Recruiterworld and a part of BSG Alliance just rocks my world.

Have a great rest of the week! If you want a cool job, let me know!