Here’s my dream… One, central social network. With ways to easily separate friends and business acquaintances. And ways to keep email addresses up-to-date. And link to pictures and videos. And meet new people.

Early last month, Tom Steinthal blogged about the Web 2.0 bubble. His very last line is the one that I found most interesting:

Bottom line, I don’t see a bubble here at all, with the possible exception of a small one around the myriad of social networks.

I am now a member of 9 social networks. That’s too many. Yes, they help me keep up with my friends, and they help me come up with great new leads for the incredible Java jobs I need to fill, but they also make my head spin with their sheer volume. I simply don’t have the time to keep track of every network the way I need to. If I were to fully participate in all 9 networks, it would take up more than half of my day, and I need to be spending that time sourcing, screening, evaluating, and building.

I want the Social Network bubble to pop. And I want someone out there to be brilliant enough to build everything I want into the Perfect Social/Business Network. And I want it yesterday.

Have a great week!