Today was a good day. Today was one of those days that energizes someone like me. Today was a day full of really good candidates, a glowing reference for someone we’d really like to hire, and an overall renewal of my faith in Generation Y.

The day started with an excellent conference call with the BSG Alliance Recruiting Team. Yes! We’re now officially a team! Leeanne Hallquist, a former BSGer and stay-at-home mom like me, joined us last week as a Recruiter, and has hit the ground running at warp speed. I’m so happy to be able to have her as a support system, and as someone I can bounce ideas off. She and I talked with our boss, Susie “Recruiting is in my veins” Buehler, and made a lot of progress.

Then, I went right into interviews. My days lately have been one big blur of phone interview after phone interview after phone interview (which explains why I haven’t been blogging very much). And I’ve interviewed some good candidates, but a lot of them haven’t been exactly the right fit. It gets kind of discouraging when you think you may have found the right fit, only to find out during the interview that the skills you expect aren’t there, or that the candidate isn’t actually interested in the opportunity you’re presenting.

Today, though, it seemed like everyone was a great fit. I talked with a database developer who had just the right skills for one opportunity, a business analyst with a great background and a beguiling voice, a project manager whose skills seem a perfect match to our requirements, a fascinating discussion with someone providing a reference for another candidate, and, finally, the culmination of my day…

I talked to a gentleman who will be graduating from a very prestigious university this Winter. He came through in the interview as driven, articulate, detail oriented, hard-working, and willing to work to make a difference for BSG Alliance. After talking with a lot of young people, and reading a lot of interesting studies and statistics on the behavior of Generation Yers, I’d started to lose my faith in Generation Y. I can say that this young man singlehandedly renewed my faith in the youth of this country. A word to the Recruiting Animal (my hero!): it looks like not ALL Generation Y employees have a “what’s in it for me?” attitude.

In any case, it’s been a long week already (can someone explain how I have managed, since Sunday, to already work my 30 hours?), but I am excited to get into the office tomorrow and find some more rocking candidates for my rocking job openings.

Thanks to everyone I talked to today. Thanks, especially, to Susie Buehler, who gives me more guidance and mentoring that she can imagine.

Have a great rest of the week!