I’ve been on Facebook for a while now. I actually got an account on Facebook a couple of years ago, using my Texas A&M University alumnus email address, in order to check up on potential new members for my sorority (yes, yes, I was a sorority girl... we’ve been through this…). Since then, I have found Facebook to be a useful business tool, allowing me to keep in touch with my very geographically diverse team, and allowing me to troll for potential passive candidates.

The Harvard Business Review on-line recently posted an article by Charlene Li that extols the virtues of a corporate presence on Facebook. The article points out that companies like Ernst & Young are having phenomenal success with their recruiting and networking by effectively utilizing Facebook’s tools. As Ms. Li properly points out:

Businesses don’t strike deals with each other – people do.

Social networks are valuable assets in striking deals. In short, the more people to whom you connect, the more people with whom you can develop profitable business relationships. And social networks provide a very efficient way to quickly build and expand your network of personal and business connections.

What I am still grappling with, however, is how BSG Alliance, as a whole, can better utilize Facebook in our recruiting and business development efforts. I have a long-held fantasy of a viral Facebook application, but my development skills are rusty, and I don’t know where to begin. Plus, I need that “great idea” to make it worth my effort. I see a lot of potential in social networking, but I need to figure out how to harness its power in a way that makes business sense for BSG Alliance.

Any thoughts you’re willing to share?

Hat tip – Brian Magierski for the link to Li’s article.