Over the past several weeks, there have been two exciting changes for me.

First and foremost, my company re-branded as nGenera. BSG Alliance was a great name with a lot of history, but we realized that our name didn’t reflect who we were as a company. nGenera is a much better reflection of who we are and what we do.

Let’s break it down…

nGen = Net Generation

nGen = Next Generation (as in Next Generation Enterprise)

nGen = The future.

I’ll spare any more rehashing of the details, but you can check out our updated web community for, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story.

Next, I agreed to move out of my Corporate Communications role (which I loved), and accept the challenge of managing the Recruiting function for nGenera (which I love more).  So, I am now working with our team to map out the future of talent acquisition within nGenera.  As part of that change, I am re-branding the site.  I’ve been in Recruiting for a year now, which makes me far less seasoned than people like The Minnesota Headhunter, but it also means that I can’t really consider myself a “Newbie” anymore. So, in true nGen fashion, I am changing this blog to focus on nGen Talent Acquisition, rather than on the trials and tribulations of being a “new” recruiter.  Expect to see a lot more content focused on tools and technologies that make recruiting more nGen.

One of the greatest things about the new role is that I actually have some time set aside to blog, so this site should start rocking over the next couple of weeks.  And, like they say…

If this blog’s a rockin’, please come a knockin!